Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Less Than 90 Days till the start

This is what the trail looked like last week due to our very wet end of the summer. The trails are drying up but we still can't ride them yet. The 20 mile loop will have 10 miles of single track riding and the rest will be double track, gravel, grass,pig ruts,deer and naturally plenty of wild pigs. The rider on the 40 miler will get 20 miles of single track and the rest will be challenging sections of double track etc... where we will have Tom's Musical Rest Stop at the half way point. The two loops will be clearly marked and some bail out points will be available. I've heard some obnoxious guy might be camped on the course with some beer ups and a cow bell. At the finish, we will have our famous homemade Wisconsin style Bratwurst hot off the grill with all the trimmings. It will be another great day in the wilderness of southwest Florida. See you all there. Eric

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

62 metric fantastic

I am in the planning stages of the Metric Fantastic loop for Piggy's Revenge 2015.It looks like it will be exactly 62 miles long.Get ready for a great adventure through 3 wilderness areas. Two refueling stops are planned,one at 24 miles supplied by SCORR and you will pass a gas station at mile 46.There will be 15 miles of road riding (some are very poorly maintained roads), optional sidewalks, several water crossings,some sugar sand and swampy sections.The rest is gravel, grass covered double track and occasional pig ruts.There is no single track on this loop,  making it more suitable to a monster cross bike or 29'er.Expect some surprises and WTF moments.This loop will not be marked for the most part and will require a GPS to find your way around.As usual you will be on your own. Now I am just waiting for things to dry up so I can preride the course and finalize the route. Next are the 20 and 40 mile off road loops.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Time to start planning next years event.

The Fourth edition of Piggy's Revenge will be January 11th 2015.
In addition to the 20,40 mile loops geared more toward the purely off-road crowd ,we will have a 60 mile plus loop for the more adventurous riders.The Super Pig will not have any single track but will cover grass, gravel ,sandy sections and some road sections.A challenging gravel grinder for sure.The actual route is not yet determined but should satisfy the needs of those that like it long and hard.This one will require a GPS track to find your way around.Pick your poison.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Piggy's Revenge 2014 a look back

Every event has a story and this year was all about perseverance. We had 73 riders come out and many were from out of town and state. At the riders meeting, I suggested that the riders attempt some-thing beyond their comfort zone such as try and ride farther or faster than usual. Many heeded the call-ing and for example, Jake an 11 year old, managed to finish the 20 mile course with a smile and is ready to do it again while several other participants rode the Carlton or off-road for the first time ever.
The weather conspired with us and the night rain helped firm up the trails. The temperatures on Sun-day were near perfect. The routes followed the best trails the Carlton has to offer. A few riders got a little confused at some turns, it was to be expected after several hours of cycling but all made it back to the pavilion where grill master Shawn Milliken made sure the homemade brats had the required grill marks. Everyone enjoyed the food and drinks at the finish where they had a story to tell. The gator in the middle of the trail, how to master the water crossing in the single track, that mystery root or tree that tripped us up, how about that section of trail that was overgrown or vaguely marked (chuckle).
The big story was the fight for first place, with four riders from team Cyclelogic (Gainsville) who set out to defeat local rider Rick Latimer. He new his only advantage was in the single track sections of the course, so he created a gap the first time through Boldygo. Rick managed to stay away until he reached “Tom’s Oasis” at mile 28 and from then on they attacked him repeatedly sacrificing two of their riders. The winners averaging 13.5 mph for the 60 miles was Rob Robbins in first followed by Jayson O’Mahoney second both from Team Cyclelogic. Rick Latimer ended third, Kevin Greten from Sanibel was in fourth and last years winner Steve Christian in fifth. For another year the debate will continue: is a cross or a mountain bike the winning ride? Right now if you are willing to take the physical beating a cross bike is a winner.
Planning has already started for next years event which by then the single track should be longer however, Piggy’s Revenge and the Carlton will still challenge riders of all abilities. Thank you to SCORR ,everyone who participated and volunteered at the Carlton.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Courses links correction.

You have got to love software and websites,here are the links to the 3 courses I created for Piggy's.
You should be able to download from here.
I wouldn't worry too much about it since all the loops will be well marked.

Piggy      for the  20 miles       for the 40 miles      for the 60 miles

Last minute details.

Last chance to save a few bucks because online registration closes at 5 pm today. If you show up on Sunday, registration is $35.00. The fee helps pay for insurance, food, supplies and t shirts and any extra funds raised go right back into the building and maintaining the trails. Support your local trail builders and have a some fun with like minded people.
The park gates open at 7:30 am, sign in follows shortly after that. No pets or glass bottles are allowed in the the park.We will have a riders meeting around 8:00 - 8:15 am. Remember the park closes at 6 pm and your car will get locked in. The weather should be perfect 60's to 80's.Make sure you have enough water to ride 3 hours or more, the only water source will be at mile 28. Carry a spare tube and a way to pump it up, the recent dry weather increases the number of sand spurs which can create slow leaks in your tires. Go tubeless! Grilled sausages and foamy beverages will be waiting for you at the finish which should be a lot of fun.
If you need a GPX file you can use the link to the ride previously posted. The Ridewithgps site allows you to create a file. The only issue is that the single track is not in detail, just the general direction is indicated. No worries though as that part of the course is well defined. So your GPS might beep for that section, just follow the trail, ignore your electronics for a little while and all will be well when you get out of that section. The whole course will be marked with easy to follow arrows painted on the ground and with signs. 
This years Piggy will be challenging for some but overall  a lot of fun.
Harden up!