Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Back country riding at it's best.

This part of the state is still very wet and we are expecting more rain today. My riding has taken me to explore new areas looking for some dry riding and was pleasantly surprised by some of the new areas I found. The 60 and 40 miler will probably be changed to take advantage of the nicer terrain and  have further reduced the amount of asphalt on the 60. The swampy miles are almost completely bypassed, but I still have some more riding to do to asses one or two particular sections. Overall I think we will have some great riding on January 11th.
I did remember to take a picture or two...
 This picture was taken in a quite remote area several miles away from roads. As you go along, you hear a lot of big splashes, gators perhaps? Back country Florida at it's best!
This is a picture of a newly rediscovered section that bypasses asphalt, it's hard and fast.
Think about joining SCORR for another great Piggy's Revenge.
It will challenge you and you will see parts of Florida that few ever explore.

Monday, November 10, 2014

As I was riding part of the 60 mile loop this is what I encountered.

This is a typical grassy section, still very moist but smooth with some muddy sections.All that wet stuff is expected to dry up by the time you ride through it.

On this long stretch of  gravel road in the middle of one of wilderness areas, it's just you and the critters.

Monday, October 27, 2014

First Recon Ride Results

Things are improving, the roads are getting dryer, the water is slowly turning into dirt.Yesterday I tested a few of the roads and I was pleasantly surprised by how well things are rolling.By January we should have a great network of roads and trails to ride. On a personal note, 10 miles out I broke my seat post. So it was a test of my legs on the return to base. I can't emphasize how isolated some of theses trails are, you have to be self sufficient, It would have been a long walk if something worse had broken. The 20 and 40 mile loops will be closer to the parking lot but the 60 riders will the middle of nowhere. I wasn't able to capture on film the multiple deer and hogs that I saw, the alligators were more cooperative.Eric

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Less Than 90 Days till the start

This is what the trail looked like last week due to our very wet end of the summer. The trails are drying up but we still can't ride them yet. The 20 mile loop will have 10 miles of single track riding and the rest will be double track, gravel, grass,pig ruts,deer and naturally plenty of wild pigs. The rider on the 40 miler will get 20 miles of single track and the rest will be challenging sections of double track etc... where we will have Tom's Musical Rest Stop at the half way point. The two loops will be clearly marked and some bail out points will be available. I've heard some obnoxious guy might be camped on the course with some beer ups and a cow bell. At the finish, we will have our famous homemade Wisconsin style Bratwurst hot off the grill with all the trimmings. It will be another great day in the wilderness of southwest Florida. See you all there. Eric

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

62 metric fantastic

I am in the planning stages of the Metric Fantastic loop for Piggy's Revenge 2015.It looks like it will be exactly 62 miles long.Get ready for a great adventure through 3 wilderness areas. Two refueling stops are planned,one at 24 miles supplied by SCORR and you will pass a gas station at mile 46.There will be 15 miles of road riding (some are very poorly maintained roads), optional sidewalks, several water crossings,some sugar sand and swampy sections.The rest is gravel, grass covered double track and occasional pig ruts.There is no single track on this loop,  making it more suitable to a monster cross bike or 29'er.Expect some surprises and WTF moments.This loop will not be marked for the most part and will require a GPS to find your way around.As usual you will be on your own. Now I am just waiting for things to dry up so I can preride the course and finalize the route. Next are the 20 and 40 mile off road loops.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Time to start planning next years event.

The Fourth edition of Piggy's Revenge will be January 11th 2015.
In addition to the 20,40 mile loops geared more toward the purely off-road crowd ,we will have a 60 mile plus loop for the more adventurous riders.The Super Pig will not have any single track but will cover grass, gravel ,sandy sections and some road sections.A challenging gravel grinder for sure.The actual route is not yet determined but should satisfy the needs of those that like it long and hard.This one will require a GPS track to find your way around.Pick your poison.